Travels with Oscar

Amsterdam, May 2013

Paris, France, May 2013

Rome, Italy and Vatican City, May 2013

Luzern, Switzerland, May 2013

Went to the changing of the guard today!

This weekend, we took an overnight trip to the Lake District, where I went on my first ever hike. I was not expecting what I got (which was a mountain with a steep slope), but I’m so glad I did it! I made it to the top (see me standing there, looking triumphant?), and I was totally in awe of what surrounded me. I wish I could go back right now. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, and I know I’ll go back one day. 

This morning, I went to Borough Market, after wanting to go for weeks! I bought one of the infamous Borough Market Brownies (so good!), a venison burger (delicious!), a warm apple cider, fresh sourdough bread, and mangoes. It was so busy, but really cool to see. I’ve never smelled so many good things in one place!

This afternoon, my friends and I trekked to Angel station, bought four pillows, and headed to Trafalgar Square for World Pillow Fight Day. There were literally thousands of people there and we pushed our way to the middle of the square and fought valiantly. There are feathers all over my coat, and still stuck in my hair. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had so far, though, and I’m so glad I went! 

Went to Chatsworth! 

For Spring Break, myself and three of my friends went to Dublin, Ireland. We took a cheap RyanAir flight and got a good hostel (go to the Generator Dublin!). So we were up at 4:30am to head off to Ireland. Got on the train at Liverpool St. and got to Stansted Airport super, super early. We took a bus from the airport in Dublin and walked around until we found our hostel. It was super nice, and I wish I’d taken pictures. The beds were softer than the student living I’m in in London and I really enjoyed it there. We decided to go for lunch and found it at The Brazen Head, Ireland’s oldest pub. I had the best fish and chips ever there, and I also tried my friend’s bangers and mash, which was delicious as well. That night we went to see a play/puppet show called Monster Clock and it was fantastic. The puppeteers did very well and the costumes were fantastic.  We went to Temple Bar (night picture) that night and tried finding dinner, and finally did at an Italian place called Milano. We were still starving, though, so we ran across the street to Papa Johns and got some garlic bread. 

Day 2 found us walking everywhere in the city, going to Saint Stephens Green (park picture and fountain), Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Grafton Street (where U2 played), the National Museum, the National Gallery, and Bobo’s to eat some of the best Irish burgers around (they have milkshakes in pint glasses!).

Day 3 was nearly miserable. We again walked everywhere and it rained and the wind blew the entire time. We tried going to the zoo but it was also miserable, and then we walked through Phoenix Park for a bit, and eventually ended up by the Wellington Monument, which I didn’t take pictures of. We trudged to the modern art museum and saw some really interesting cubist paintings and then walked to the Guiness factory. We took the tour and it was pretty interesting. SEVEN stories of a story of beer. At the top, we went to the Gravity Bar and had a free Guiness and got a 360 view of Dublin, which is the panorama picture at the beginning. We went to dinner at the Porterhouse and then went home to get warm. By then it had stopped raining and we trekked to the city shopping area and went into a few shops, but ultimately ended up in the candy store with its delicious white mice. 

Day 4 was our last day in Dublin, and we walked to Dublin Castle and poked around in the gardens for a bit. It was closed for a meeting, so we couldn’t go in. We also made it to Trinity College (last picture) and walked around those grounds before going back to Temple Bar and finding a book market. We left that area and then went back to down town with the Spire and the candy store and shops and killed some more time. Eventually, we decided to go back to the airport early. We were delayed for 2 hours but eventually got home safe. 

Dublin is a beautiful city with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Several people stopped and asked if we were lost or if they could help us. I loved how warm and welcoming the atmosphere was. I would love to see the rest of Ireland one day and hope that chance comes sooner rather than later!

So I finally did something that I took photos of! (Sorry!)

Yesterday, we went to Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, and Avebury. The Cathedral was beautiful, as you can see, and Stonehenge was pretty cool. As my friend said “It was some rocks.” Avebury (last pic) was another stone circle like Stonehenge, and it was very peaceful and pretty there. It actually felt a lot like Kentucky, and it made me feel like I was home.

We had a chicken pie at the Cathedral and then had a look around. The waiter there was very surprised that we all wanted tea—he said he’d expected us to order coffee. 

We were on the bus for 4+ hours yesterday, and I’m still pretty exhausted. I think I’m about to go take a nap.